Monday, September 8, 2008

Do It Yourself Bankruptcy

If you are interested in filing for bankruptcy but want a do it yourself bankruptcy then you have found the right place.

Filing for a chapter bankruptcy can be very expensive and usually people that are in the most need don't have the money that it takes to get a bankruptcy attorney. If you are in this situation then you should consider some type of do it yourself bankruptcy. A do it yourself bankruptcy is defined as declining the option of getting an attorney and proceed with a bankruptcy alone.

If you are short on funds our recommendation is to do a modified version of the do it yourself bankruptcy. We suggest that you get a bankruptcy lawyer but do as much of the filing as humanly possible on your own. This includes filing some of the paperwork yourself and only having your attorney present when absolutely necessary. Our suggestion here is a somewhat modified version of a do it yourself bankruptcy that will save your lots of money.

The chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy filings are just to complicated to do on your own and in our opinion you will at least need a lawyer for some of it. We do not in anyway recommend that you file for your bankruptcy 100% independently.

If your chapter bankruptcy only includes a few assets and is very basic then sure you might be able to DIY but this is unlikely for the average American. Average bankruptcy cases include over 25 pages of paperwork that are written in legal terminology that average people will not understand. If you do not know what you are doing and you happen to make mistakes on the bankruptcy paperwork then you could cause yourself all kinds of problems. For example, bankruptcy form mistakes could cause you to have your case delayed or dismissed, debt liquidations challenged, or even cause you to lose more assets than necessary.

If you are considering filing a do it yourself bankruptcy we strongly encourage you to go ahead and hire a lawyer to at least give you advice and look over all of the bankruptcy forms that you are filling out. We also recommend you take a look at do it yourself bankruptcy forms and do it yourself bankruptcy software and see if you feel like you are capable of doing some of the filing on your own.

We also suggest that you explore all bankruptcy alternatives before moving forward. A chapter bankruptcy filing is a very important decision that will have major impacts on your future and is something that should be thought about long and hard before deciding what to do.

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